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Welcome to Vive Studios

Vive Studios is a small and cozy massage studio situated in the heart of the southern suburbs, conveniently located next to Cavendish square.

We offer bespoke massage services catering to everyone’s needs at affordable prices.

You’ve tried the rest, now try the best!

Friendly Service

Service with a smile is what we do. Our therapists will make you feel comfortable and at home making sure you are relaxed to enjoy your massage and leave feeling satisfied and spoilt.

Experienced Massage Therapists

Our massage therapists come with a wealth of experience in different massage techniques to cater to you’re needs. Whether you need a relaxing fall asleep massage, a knot buster or an expert sport specific massage, our therapists will leave you satisfied and looking forward to your next treatment.

New Client

You will be screened for health issues or complications to ensure you get the best, reliable massage treatment suited to your needs.

Phone us on now on the nr. below to make your booking or fill in the form to request a call back.

We at Vive look forward to meet you.

+(27) 79 043 6939

Committed To Massage Excellence

We Offer Expert Massage Therapy

Vive studios Therapists follow continues follow up training to ensure that you are treated with the most up to date techniques in the massage industry.

We pride ourselves with delivering only the best massage techniques and services to our clients.


Massage Therapist


Massage Therapist

Complete Care on Your Schedule

Keep Calm and Make a Self-care Plan
Unique Specials and Offers

​​At Vive Studios we offer unique packages to cater to your every need. Please enquire with our therapists for more info or follow our social media pages for monthly specials.

Advanced Treatment​

We offer advanced treatments in the form of Sport Massage. Sport massage is not the same as a regular massage because we treat a spesific muscle or muscles. With sport massage we can assist you with the recovery of an injury and speed up the rehibilitation process. Sport massage also offers the athlete pre or post compettion massage which can help to improve performance or aid recovery.

Massage Therapy Results​

Massage therapy results may vary from person to person and greatly depends on your unique muscle structure and conditioning. Getting a regular massage is a sure way to improve your overall quality of life by reducing stress and improving your health.

Modern Equipment ​

Vive Studios only make use of the highest quality massage oils to improve the quality of your massage treatment. Vive studios is the only massage company to make use of Inversion therapy to improve your posture through safe and effective spinal relaxation. Inversion therapy is best done before your massage to assist with spinal relaxsation which in turn allows your muscles greater relaxation and efficiency to movement.

We Love to See You Relax

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Massage Therapy for Today’s Lifestyle

We Have All Your Massage Needs Covered
Inversion Therapy

15 Min – R75.00   20% OFF – R60.00

Sports Massage

60 Min – R500.00   20% OFF – R400.00

90 Min – R650.00  20% OFF – R520.00

Swedish Massage

60 Min – R400.00  20% OFF – R320.00

90 Min – R550.00  20% OFF – R440.00

Thai Oil Massage

60 Min – R400.00  20% OFF – R320.00

90 Min – R550.00  20% OFF – R440.00

Aromatherapy Massage

60 Min – R400.00  20% OFF – R320.00

90 Min – R550.00  20% OFF – R440.00

Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage

60 Min – R300.00  20% OFF – R240.00

90 Min – R400.00  20% OFF – R320.00

Legs, Hips and Lower Back Massage

60 Min – R350.00  20% OFF – R280.00

90 Min – R500.00  20% OFF – R400.00

Foot Massage

30 Min – R250.00  20% OFF – R220.00

Reflexology Massage

30 Min – R300.00  20% OFF – R240.00

60 Min – R400.00  20% OFF – R320.00

Massage Package

Buy 4 sessions of the same treatment and we’ll give you and 1 friend a FREE treatment each!!

Executive Package

15 Min – Deep Stretch Session

90 Min – Full Body  Massage with a choice between a Sport and Swedish Massage

15 Min – Foot Massage

15 Min – Indian Head Massage

R975.00  20% OFF – 780.00

Hot Stone Massage

60 Min – R400.00  20% OFF – R320.00

90 Min – R550.00  20% OFF – R440.00

Call Out Rates

*Call out Prices are strictly per massage

Uber costs not included.   Please inquire as to Uber cost for your booking.

60 Min

R400pp for Bookings of 1 Person

R325pp for Bookings of 2 People

R250pp for Bookings of 3 People

90 Min

R500pp for Bookings of 1 Person

R425pp for Bookings of 2 People

R350pp for Bookings of 3 People

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108 Vineyard Centre, Dreyer Street, Claremont, Capetown


+(27) 79 043 6939


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