The Founders

Co-founders Anthonie Badenhorst and Grant Bailey have combined a mix of business savvy, and a passion for health and rehabilitation, to produce services that clients will find refreshing and rewarding. In early 2018, collaborating on a space dedicated to servicing mental and physical well-being became the next logical step for these two health enthusiasts, and so, Vive Studios was born.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more dedicated health and fitness expert than Anthonie. His years of experience with physical fitness, and training hundreds of clients throughout the years, make him the go-to for advice on and how to optimise your performance. Anthonie impresses upon his clients the importance of regular Sports massage and Inversion therapy treatments to improve physical, mental and emotional stamina, and he personally oversees the expert training of the Vive team.

Grant is an accomplished business owner who is dedicated to his entrepreneurial ventures, his family, as well as his massage and fitness routine. As a man of impeccable taste and attention to detail, Grant ensures that Vive, and its staff, uphold the highest standards. If you are wondering how Vive’s customer service outweighs its competitors, you can rest assured it’s thanks to Grant’s unparalleled business expertise.

When these two aren’t running the show at Vive Studios, they can often be found training together, or hiking some of Cape Towns most beautiful trails.



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